Sardinal, Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

How to get Suitree

Telephone: +506 4070 0101

Whatsapp: +506 8342 1086

[email protected]

[email protected]

Side by side for rent (full day)

Ready to experience the outdoors in a new and exciting way? Welcome to off road adventure in Suitree trails
UTV provided: KAWASAKI MULE PRO-FXT Ranch Edition 812cc

Duration: 8 hours

All Drivers must be 25+ or older with a valid Costa Rica Driver’s License
Valid Credit/Debit card required in Drivers Name
Maximum combined weight of Driver/Passenger and cargo cannot exceed 450lbs
All Drivers/Passengers must sign a liability waiver
Drivers have not to exceed the speed of 60 kph

YOU MUST USE SUPER GASOLINE with 95 octane in the MULE (Engine damage may occur if using lower grade fuel)
You can pre-pay your fuel for $40 and bring the MULE back on Empty.
If you DO NOT pre-pay your fuel, YOU MUST RETURN the MULE with the same level of fuel that you originally had during your check-out.
A $65 fee will be charged to your credit card if you do not comply with our fuel policy

We require a $500 damage deposit (puts a temporary hold on the card for an amount, removed if no damage)

Suitree bike Trail Map by Wikiloc mobile App with self GPS guide.


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